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VENDED Featuring Sons Of SLIPKNOT’s COREY TAYLOR and SHAWN “CLOWN” CRAHAN Release New Single “Asylum”

Vended, featuring the sons of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Shawn “Clown” Crahan – Griffin Taylor (vocals) and Simon Crahan (drums) – have released their first single, “Asylum”. Check it out below.
Vended was established in February of 2018 and consists of Cole Espeland (guitar), Griffin Taylor (vocals), Simon Crahan (drums), Jeremiah Pugh…
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SOILWORK Talk A Whisp Of The Atlantic EP, Plans For Next Album In New Interview Series

Swedish metallers Soilwork launched a video series back in August and issued the following message. The series concluded last week.
“We have been laying low lately but fear not, great things are happening in Camp Soilwork. We will release a series of interviews in relation to the clear vinyl reissue…
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DIRTY LOOKS Guitarist PAUL LIDEL On Performing Live In 2021 – “I Wouldn’t Have Ever Thought All These Years Later That People Would Still Care”

On the latest installment of the 80’s Glam Metalcast, host Metal Mike speaks with Dangerous Toys / Dirty Looks guitarist Paul Lidel. He gets us up to speed on all the current activity from Dangerous Toys, Dirty Looks, and his band 99 Crimes. Lidel also shares some stories from the past…
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What do you guys think would happen if a member of Motley passed away before the megatour?

Hey Guys! With EVH'S death ( RIP EDDIE),, it got me to thinking about Motley Crue's upcoming tour. Since Crue has a mega tour planned next year, What do you think would happen if one of the one of them passes away. before the upcoming tour. Do they cancel the tour? OR just get a new guy to fill in? Hail and Kill!

Cruefan s

Burton C. Bell Interview Was Great!

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your interview with Burton from Fear Factory! You really seemed to connect with him more than most interviews I've heard! Keep it up!

Terrance In Torrence

He's had a hard few years but happy to see he's bounced back!

Morgan is such an integral part of Sevendust, they couldn't do it without him. And neither could the fans. So glad to hear he's feeling better and I'm waiting for his solo debut in the mail right now. Nothing wrong with sfretching your wings and flying solo (w/help from Clint) is a good way to do that - he's having his cake and eating it too. They all just need to know we're behind them all the way.

Susan Houk Morgan Rose

Skullsessions Rules

I love listening to Bob Nalbandian's great stories! He's lived it and knows more about metal than most will ever have the opportunity to experience!

Robert J.

Subscribe You Tools

Brilliant commentary by Chris and Neeley covering classic metal to the latest in pop culture.

JB Jayhawk


Usually, when there is a successful radio duo, there is one person that isn't as funny as the other. However, THE CMS has BOTH co-hosts that are equally as funny and In a world where everyone is going the PC ROUTE, The CMS went the opposite direction. The CMS is the greatest show in the world. The ONLY bad thing i have to say about the CMS is that you CAN'T have a beer while listening to the show because they're fucking hysterical and their humor will make you spit ur beer out. . Same goes for the chatroom. I've seen things in that chatroom that I'd never thought I'd see in lifetime!

Guy From SD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nbr9Np90OQs

Classic Howard Stern meets Wayne's World meets Headbanger's Ball

We haven't heard anyone that goes against the grain more than Chris and Neeley and that's why we love about them! They still have the f&^k you attitude towards what the world calls nowadays "normal". Don't ever change, dudes! HAIL, KILL, F#$K YOU, PAL, HANDJOB!!!!!

Jason Lundgren The Classic Metal Show

Funny and informitive

Darren Haigh the CMS

Really fucking REAL!

The CMS is a stone cold slap in the face to the whiners that are offended by everything! You wanna hear honesty fuckin' tune in! Hail and kill!

Dave Blackburn CMS
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