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Traditional Commercial Television BLOWS! You know it… we know it… everyone knows it! Corporate censorship is even more of a problem with online viewing than ever before! But there’s one place that NEVER censors!! That place is CMStv! Check out our various channels and enjoy your favorite rock, metal, comedy and more – always uncensored and giving very few fucks!

It’s On The App!

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All of our online radio stations are available on our one convenient app! Download it today for iOS or Android and rock with us all day and night!

Run Your Own Station!

Uncontrolled Noize

The internet has changed the game to where you don’t need millions of dollars to own your own VIABLE radio or TV station! A good concept and a great streaming platform is all YOU need! We’ve got that platform for you!!

Here’s some of the great reasons that Uncontrolled Noize is the BEST solution for your streaming radio or television stations.

Best Technology

We utilize the best backend there is to ensure that your radio or television experience is unterrupted.

Easy To Deploy

Both our radio and television platforms are simple to include in YOUR website. If you can cut/paste, you can do this.

Scheduling Simplicity

Our system is set up for simple automation for constant 24 hour programming.

Always Affordable

We base our plans on your TLH for radio, and views for TV. Your price only grows as your station does!

Ready To Get Started? Just visit our website HERE and sign up to get more information!

Uncontrolled Noize - The Online Provider for CMStv

Channel 1 – CMS Network Programming

Channel 1 features all the shows of The CMS Network streaming 24/7! Never miss a great episode again! Click The Arrow To Watch LIVE!

Channel 2 – CMSN Live Channel

Channel 2 is for our live shows! If any of our shows go live, it will air here! Click the Play Arrow to watch LIVE!

Channel 3 – CMS 24/7 Channel

Channel 3 is for you CMS fuckies out there! Watch classic bits and see the show LIVE weekly! Click the Play Arrow to watch LIVE!

Channel 4 – Pinball PA TV

Channel 4 is for the fans of Pinball out there! A fun channel brought to you by Pinball PA!

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