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Being A Survivor Gives You A New Perspective On Things!  

Seth Williams lost a leg, was fired from his job of 25 years producing a Cleveland radio legend, and had to start over under the most trying of circumstances. Chris Akin was burned over 69% of his body in an industrial accident. Yet, both have rebounded to bring you a fun, funny and inspirational podcast.

The Seth Williams Show airs Mondays and Wednesdays at 4pm Eastern Time!

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Listen Live Monday & Wednesday from 4-6pm EST, and in replay all other days.

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Is Media Forcing WNBA on Us?

Is Media Forcing WNBA on Us?

Is Media Forcing WNBA on Us? In this episode of THE SETH WILLIAMS SHOW, Seth and Chris dive into Chris's recent illness and the impact it's had....

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The Seth Williams Show

In the dynamic world of Cleveland Radio, Seth Williams emerges as a stalwart figure, boasting over two decades of experience and versatility. From his early days as a jack of all trades to his pivotal role on The Mike Trivisonno Show, Seth’s journey is a testament to resilience. Despite facing adversity, including a health crisis that claimed a leg, Seth’s spirit remains unbroken.

Now, joined by the indomitable Chris Akin, a titan in both commercial and internet radio, they forge ahead with uncompromising vigor, inspiring listeners with their unwavering dedication.

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