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For 29 years, THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW has proven to be the force of non-PC, uncensored and unapologetic radio! Now, Neeley and Chris Akin have brought their mayhem to the worlds of podcasting and digital TV!

The CMS Airs LIVE On Saturdays from 9pm to 3am Eastern Time!

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Since 1996, THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW has been causing chaos throughout the world on the strength of their no holds barred, uncensored look at pop culture, sex, politics, religion, movies, tv and music… yes, that glorious classic hard rock that peaked in the mid ’80s!

Neeley and Chris continue to bring you 6 hours of the best “shock jock” type radio going today! If you aren’t a pussy, check them out!

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In addition to being the wild co-host of THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, Chris Akin is also an accomplished writer. With his unique and always unfiltered style, Chris’s books are a must read for anyone that loves his storytelling on any of his radio shows! Click the photo below to purchase any of his great books!

And Other Things I Should Not Say
Call Me Chris
Little Victories
Cause & Effect: Turbo
Cause & Effect: Motley Crue
Cause & Effect: Metallica

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