Good Company

Scott Bowling brings modern metal to the screen!

Scott Bowling is a fan – first, foremost and always. His show, GOOD COMPANY WITH BOWLING, is the embodiment of what happens with a fan with a love for the music gets to befriend his favorite bands and back his play with professionalism, fun and activity.

GOOD COMPANY finds interviews with the heros of modern hard rock and metal in a more conversational and friendly way then you’ve ever experienced them before!

Now available on podcast platforms, Roku and Amazon Fire!

Past Episodes

Good Company w/Bowling

Audio & video interview show hosted by Scott Bowling. Interviews with members of Korn, Papa Roach, Stryper, Machine Head and more as well as entertainers from all walks of life.

Launched in 2017, Good Company has exceeded 2 million plays across platforms with in-depth interviews with numerous notable celebrities and personalities.

All the best guests in the world are regulars on Good Company w/Scott Bowling. It’s time for you to become a regular viewer! 

Good Company with Scott Bowling Audio Podcasts

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Good Company With Bowling

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