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Chris Akin Presents...
CAP | These LIVE Albums Weren't As Good As The Band's Live Performances!

Chris Akin Presents... (Every  Other Weekday)

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Tune into any of the options below on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9pm Eastern to see the live 1st airing of all new Chris Akin Presents... episodes!

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Hard hitting interviews & commentary!

Chris Akin Presents...

Chris Akin is one of the most in demand personalities in the world today. He's best known for his uncensored, shock jock antics on THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW. He's also spent over 20 years being one of the most well respected and quoted rock/metal journalists in the world. 

Erik Ferentinos is one of the hardest rockers in the business! He's currently the lead guitarist for RATT Vocalist Stephen Pearcy, as well as previously performing with Earshot and Bow Wow Wow!

With CHRIS AKIN PRESENTS..., Akin and Ferentinos share hard hitting interviews and commentary with you, the fans of hard rock, heavy metal, acting, television and pop culture at large. It's like no show you've heard before!

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Talk Toomey Podcast (Presented By! 

Chris Akin has joined The Talk Toomey Podcast, presented by Joining host Joshua Toomey, Chris provides commentary regarding the state of affairs of today's metal artists, as well as chatter on Throwback Throwdown.

Latest Video Episode with Toomey and Akin!

Talk Toomey on Knotfest
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In Addition To The CMS, Chris is involved with several other podcasts:

Chris has joined Cameo, and is available for YOUR bookings! Here's what Chris has to say about this new Cameo venture:

In addition to being the co-host of The Classic Metal Show and AftershocksTV, Chris is an accomplished writer with 6 books published and ready for you to read! Click the book cover below to get information and to purchase any of Chris' books!

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