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The Classic Metal Show
Today's Boondoggle
Chris Akin Presents
Lord Nelson
The Seth Williams Show
Good Company With Bowling
Aftershocks TV
Rock N' Shock Show
Talking Into Infinity
Charlie Kendall's Metal Shop

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Are you REALLY still paying for radio or suffering through commercial radio? Stop it!! THE CMS NETWORK has 8 great stations featuring all styles of hard rock, heavy metal, interviews, comedy and commentary! All of it is uncensored and all of it is playing LIVE for you! At home, in your car or on your phone, The CMS Radio Network is your perfect place for your radio experience!

CMS 24/7
Seismic Sounds Radio
Metal Devastation Radio
KRFK Radio
Hair Metal

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Install “The CMS Network” app on your iOS or Android Address! Start Rockin NOW!

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