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Uncontrolled Noize

Real Rock… And No Corporate Radio Bullshit!

The best hard rock and heavy metal, and killer shows like The Streets of Rock N' Roll with Ron Keel and The Classic Metal Show!

no corporate bullshit... ever!

Uncontrolled Noize

For decades, when the world has wanted to hear the best in hard rock and heavy metal without any of the lameness that comes from traditional corporate radio, it turned to Uncontrolled Noize! 

When you want the best of hard rock and heavy metal from the 70s through today, as well as uncensored comedy on THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, there's only ONE stop - UNCONTROLLED F'N NOIZE!! 

Our Shows / Schedule

**All Times Eastern Time**


Metal & Kendle


The Streets Of Rock N' Roll w/Ron Keel

LA Lloyd's Rock 30

Rock Rage Reviews


Hard Rock Nights

Rockin' Metal Revival

The Classic Metal Show


LA Lloyd's Rock 30

Rock Hard! w/Jay Conroy

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Our Videos - NEVER CENSORED Again!

Our Own Video Platform That WE Control Is Now LIVE!. 

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In addition to being the co-host of The Classic Metal Show and AftershocksTV, Chris is an accomplished writer with 6 books published and ready for you to read! Click the book cover below to get information and to purchase any of Chris' books!

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