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The Classic Metal Show

Since 1996, THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW has been causing chaos throughout the world on the strength of their no holds barred, uncensored look at pop culture, sex, politics, religion, movies, tv and music... yes, that glorious classic hard rock that peaked in the mid '80s!

Neeley and Chris continue to bring you 6 hours of the best "shock jock" type radio going today! If you aren't a pussy, check them out!

The Place To Get Inside metal!

Shockwaves Skullsessions

The earliest origins of American heavy metal can be tracked back to bands like Y&T, Metallica and Megadeth. It can also be tracked back to the guys that made the scene happen from off the state. One of the leaders of that movement was documentarian and metalhead Bob Nalbandian!

Along with co-host Matt Hartnett, Nalbandian leads Shockwaves Skullsessions through the history of heavy metal through the eyes of people that were there to experience it all!


Aftershocks Podcast

Shockwaves co-host Matt Hartnett and Classic Metal Show co-host Chris Akin stretch past the "classic" limits of their main shows to bring you the best, hard hitting interviews with today's best bands and up and comers on Aftershocks! 

The podcast covers all styles of hard rock and heavy metal from traditional rock n' roll through death metal, all with the questions you WANT to hear but most interviews simply never ask!


Talk Toomey

In the world of music podcasting, there are basically two categories - podcasts by fans, and podcasts by famed musicians that have reached the pinnacle of success. Somewhere in the middle of that is the Talk Toomey podcast. Hosted by Joshua Toomey, Talk Toomey avoids the pitfalls of fandom and the backslapping glad handing that comes from successful bands shamelessly talking to each other. Additionally, Toomey's love of Pantera brings you the side-podcast DRAG THE WATERS, which is focused on the mighty Pantera's career and legacy!

Metal's dark and dirty history!

Poppitt's Corner

Poppitt's Corner is the brainchild of the lead vocalist of death metal stalwarts Madrost, Tanner Poppitt. Much like Madrost's music, Poppitt's Corner is far more than your standard interview show. It's deeper, darker and far more thorough than any video podcast airing today! 

Poppitt digs deep into the lives and careers of musicians of all genres, ranging from death metal bands like Exhumed to classic rockers like Frank Marino to deliver arguably the most informative podcast on the web today!

CMSPN Rock & Metal News


Sabaton Announce Movie

Sabaton have announced THE WAR TO END ALL WARS movie, which will be released in 2023.

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Metallica Announce Charity Concert

Metallica have announced the 3rd HELPING HANDS CONCERT AND AUCTION to be held on December 16th at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, CA.

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Corrosion of Conformity

COC To Tour The USA In November

Corrosion of Conformity will tour the United States in November.

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Funny and informitive

Darren Haigh the CMS

Burton C. Bell Interview Was Great!

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your interview with Burton from Fear Factory! You really seemed to connect with him more than most interviews I've heard! Keep it up!

Terrance In Torrence

no BS truth

The best no-bullshit in your face truth about todays entertainment, political and social and everyday life happenings. These guys tell it the way it is (the way it should be) and don't give a fuck about your feelings and tenderness you pussies! Pull up your big boy undies - man the fuck up - and hear & see truthful freeform media the way it used to be, and if you don't like it-then get the fuck out!! Hail & kill, Fuck you pal, and Handjob!!

Jerry l. Cougill II the Classic Metal Show

What do you guys think would happen if a member of Motley passed away before the megatour?

Hey Guys! With EVH'S death ( RIP EDDIE),, it got me to thinking about Motley Crue's upcoming tour. Since Crue has a mega tour planned next year, What do you think would happen if one of the one of them passes away. before the upcoming tour. Do they cancel the tour? OR just get a new guy to fill in? Hail and Kill!

Cruefan s

Classic Howard Stern meets Wayne's World meets Headbanger's Ball

We haven't heard anyone that goes against the grain more than Chris and Neeley and that's why we love about them! They still have the f&^k you attitude towards what the world calls nowadays "normal". Don't ever change, dudes! HAIL, KILL, F#$K YOU, PAL, HANDJOB!!!!!

Jason Lundgren The Classic Metal Show


Faithful and proud listener since 2013. Fucky 'til I die.

Phil Ouze The Classic Metal Show


Usually, when there is a successful radio duo, there is one person that isn't as funny as the other. However, THE CMS has BOTH co-hosts that are equally as funny and In a world where everyone is going the PC ROUTE, The CMS went the opposite direction. The CMS is the greatest show in the world. The ONLY bad thing i have to say about the CMS is that you CAN'T have a beer while listening to the show because they're fucking hysterical and their humor will make you spit ur beer out. . Same goes for the chatroom. I've seen things in that chatroom that I'd never thought I'd see in lifetime!

Guy From SD

fan of Myles Kennedy

The interviewer and #MylesKennedy seem to be happy and enjoy each other's presence. Good non repetitive questions asked. It is always a plus to discuss other projects in the making. Myles Kennedy has been busy and always good to know how to plan for his events. I been waiting for this interview for about a month. I did tweet the you tube premiere to twitter fans. The fans come from all over the world. The times are different in other locations; so I hope the time was in EST!!

Rainbow Myles Kennedy Talks Touring, Slash, Alter Bridge and The Ides Of March

Really fucking REAL!

The CMS is a stone cold slap in the face to the whiners that are offended by everything! You wanna hear honesty fuckin' tune in! Hail and kill!

Dave Blackburn CMS

He's had a hard few years but happy to see he's bounced back!

Morgan is such an integral part of Sevendust, they couldn't do it without him. And neither could the fans. So glad to hear he's feeling better and I'm waiting for his solo debut in the mail right now. Nothing wrong with sfretching your wings and flying solo (w/help from Clint) is a good way to do that - he's having his cake and eating it too. They all just need to know we're behind them all the way.

Susan Houk Morgan Rose

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Brilliant commentary by Chris and Neeley covering classic metal to the latest in pop culture.

JB Jayhawk
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