February 19

TT | Madame Mayhem



Madame Mayhem returns to the Talk Toomey Podcast to discuss her latest single “Cruel Heart”. We talk about her touring with Mushroomhead and her getting to play those water drums! She also lets us in on working with Keith Wallen of Breaking Benjamin and producer Johnny K. Madame Mayhem and I also talk about her filming the latest video on the streets of New York City, touring with Sevendust and her playing the “Home” shows. We finish up with throwing some love over to Billy Grey of Fozzy and his amazing guitar work. 


“Doro is just such an amazing woman and she’s such a pro. The thing that I really learned from her, that I don’t even think she knows I learned from her, but just watching her after the shows going from the venue onto the bus and just like all these fans are like literally bombarding her and there’s no “Oh, hi, excuse me”…She’s so great with the fans and just so genuinely wants to meet them and talk to them. It meant a lot to me because that’s how I’ve always been. Especially back at that time when I was starting and no one knew who I was. And just I was like, oh great, this means that I can do this for the rest of my life. She’s this huge superstar metal legend and she can still have people come up and be like, “Oh, hey, how are you? What’s up”. And that just gave me hope to continue to do what I’m doing in the way I was doing it. It was something that I just loved to watch and see and I just observed and it was pretty special.”

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