LLL | Violent Life Violent Death

LLL | Violent Life Violent Death

ON THIS EPISODE OF LIVE AND LOUD WITH THE LORD, NELSON THAT IS!  Lord  Nelson has an amazing conversation with the band Violent Life Violent Death.  Lord Nelson And Violent Life Violent Death engage  in a conversation starting with the beginning, present and future  aspirations and goals of V.L.V.D.  Their sound is heavy and hard with incredible vocals that compliments the music so well.  The ride they provide is one of pure pleasure for Metal Heads and music lovers worldwide.  They are a collective of awesome musicians that truly feed off of each other’s talents.  This synergy brings forth an incredible sound and live show that never disappoints.  Facts.  Lord  Nelson has once again brought you a must watch and listen guaranteed to  pleasure your musical senses.  As always Lord Nelson and the CMS  Network With 5 Royals Ent. appreciates your valuable time given and will  continue to do their best to entertain, inform and some times educate  you.  Respect Maximum To You Always.  Love Love.  Thanks A  Trillion.  Enjoy.  Cheers


March 11, 2023

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