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Episode 5: More Great Stories From The Late ‘70s Into The Early ‘80s OC & LA Metal Scene!
Hosts Bob Nalbandian welcomes back returning guest Patrick Scott (twice in one week) teaming him up with Skullsessions newcomer Mike Murray, an old grade school friend of Nalbandian’s in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s prior to tape-trading and metal fanzines. The three discuss in great detail some of the historic metal shows from the late ‘70s on through the very early ‘80s at such long-forgotten LA & OC venues as Long Beach Arena, Reseda Country Club, Fenders Ballroom, The Woodstock, Radio City, Concert Factory and Cookoo’s Nest. Also Bob and Mike’s notorious 1980 T-Shirt war with one of the most mind-blowing stories about Deep Purple. Skullsessions producer Matt Hartnett makes a few cameo appearances.

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