Bruce Duff:
Staff Writer/Contributing Editor for, Creem Online, Launch, Yahoo, LA Weekly, New Times LA, CityBeat LA, Lave, POPSmear, BAM, Music Connection, Rip, Creem, Billboard, Huh, Bass Player, Senior Editor/Content Supervisor for Hard ‘n’ Heavy Video Magazine.

OWNER of Toneduff Studios–Have produced and/or played on recordings by Angus Khan, Adz, Jesters of Destiny, Circle, Eddie Spaghetti (Supersuckers), Monique Powell (Save Ferris), Thor, Prima Donna, Neila, Phoenix Orion, 45 Grave, Redd Kross, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Rozz Williams, Lord G, countless more.

Desi Benjamin:
The former club promoter and A&R executive Desi Benjamin promoting his latest documentary called “Scenesters: Music, Mayham and Melrose Ave., 1985-1990.”
The 80-minute documentary goes back to the clubs, the bands and artists, the scenesters, and the “mover and shakers” of the time.

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