Episode 10: Do You Relate To The Guardians’ Championship?

On this edition of THE SETH WILLIAMS SHOW w/MIKE CHESELKA, Seth and Mike talk about the Cleveland Guardians winning the division, and specifically if they feel attached to it because it’s not “The Indians”. Paul Rado calls in to talk about it with the guys. Entrepreneur / author / survivor Chris Akin joins the show to talk about how they are going to work together to develop the show, as well as sharing stories that Seth might appreciate from surviving his own near death injury. Finally, they welcome Charlie Calanni of Charlies Auto Repair in Lakewood to talk about his friendship with Seth and the Triv Show, the services his repair shop provides, and finally to talk some politics with the guys. 

It’s our first 2-hour show, so settle in and enjoy the conversation. 

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Aftershocks – Vocalist / Guitarist Damon Johnson (Alice Cooper / Brother Cane / Thin Lizzy)

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