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CMS | The Classic Metal Show LIVE 9/24/22 (Full Show)

CMS | Neeley’s High School Reunion

CMS | Neeley's High School Reunion

On this episode of THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, Neeley and Chris talk about Neeley’s trip to Ohio for his High School reunion, his crazy experiences at the bar and more.

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Image: The Sopranos

The Most Hateable Member Of The Sopranos’ Cast Was…

Image: CMS 2021

Yes, Tommy Lee Was Really Talking To His Dick!

Image: CMS 2021

CMS | Knock It Off Madonna! It’s Embarrassing!

CMSM | Legendary Drummer Albert Bouchard (ex-Blue Oyster Cult)

CMS | Facebook Group Fans Are Ridiculous, and Fallon

CMS | Facebook Group Fans Are Ridiculous, and Fallon

Image: CMS 2021

CMS | Should Any Plastic Surgeon Working On This “Guy” Be Jailed?

Image: CMS 2021

CMS | CartNarcs Stop A Cart Karen


CMS | What’s More Important To You – Juneteenth Or Arbor Day?

CMS | Who Killed Off Teenage Head?

CMS | Who Killed Off Teenage Head?

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