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Diamond Head Reissues THE Album Metallica Needed!

CAP | Diamond Head's Brian Tatler: Lightning Strikes Again!

On this episode of CHRIS AKIN PRESENTS…, Chris sits down with legendary guitarist Brian Tatler of Diamond Head. Tatler called in to talk about the brand new reissue of LIGHTNING TO THE NATIONS, the previously unreleased tracks, why 70s bands were better than 80s bands and more. 

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**NOTE: Everything said here, and on every episode of all of our shows are 100% the opinions of the hosts. Nothing is stated as fact. Do your own research to see if their opinions are true or not.**

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Cyber Monday
Little Toes Bamboo Diapers

CMSM | Legendary Drummer Albert Bouchard (ex-Blue Oyster Cult)

Image: The Requin

CAP | Is Alicia Silverstone A Star Again In THE REQUIN?

Image: Ten Weeks

CAP | Ten Weeks: A GREAT Look Into Basic Training

CAP | Bands That We Tried To Be As Kids!

CAP | Bands That We Tried To Be As Kids!

Image: Chris Akin Presents

Impact Wrestling – Roku Channel vs. Pluto TV: Which Channel Is Better?

CAP | 96 Bitter Beings Deron Miller: Restoring Rock N' Roll's Synergy!

96 Bitter Beings BETTER Than CKY? Deron Miller Explains Why!

CAP | Free Is Never Good!

CAP | Free Is Never Good!

Image: Chris Akin Presents

CAP | Man With A Mission: Thunderstruck By A Group Of Wolves!

CAP | Talking Touring Realities With Hardline's Johnny Gioeli

CAP | Talking Touring Realities With Hardline’s Johnny Gioeli

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