ASTV | BLAK29 vocalist/drummer Steve Zing & guitarist Dan Tracey

On this episode of AFTERSHOCKS, Matt sits down with vocalist/drummer Steve Zing (Danzig/Samhain) and guitarist Dan Tracey from rock outfit BLAK 29. Zing and Tracey discuss the bands video and single for their cover of The Kinks classic ‘Destroyer’ and the decision to get drummer Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative/Danzig/Quiet Riot), guitarist Tommy Victor (Prong) and vocalist Jyrki 69 (69 Eyes) to guest on the track. The guys discuss the band’s sophomore LP ‘The Waiting’ as well as the second cover track for the Hollies’ classic ‘Long Cool Woman’ and the decision to cover two tracks by popular UK bands from the 60’s. Steve and Dan describe how they collaborate and write songs together which starts with Zing humming an idea and how having their own studio allowed them to fine tune their songs without the pressures of having time limits/constraints when choosing to record music at a professional studio. The guys get into a discussion about modern-day rock-n-roll and the affect it has on American culture within today’s youth and how the musical landscape has changed due to technological advances, but that the passion for rock music hasn’t waned with it. Steve and Dan discuss BLAK 29’s future in terms of playing live and much more. 

November 5, 2020

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