AS TREMORS | TATTOO THE EARTH Founder/Author Scott Alderman


On this episode of Aftershocks Tremors, we sit down with TATTOO THE EARTH FESTIVAL founder Scott Alderman to talk about his new book on the notorious 2000′ tour titled CARAVAN OF PAIN: The True Story of the Tattoo the Earth Tour. Alderman discusses his idea and motivation to start the infamous tour and the many roadblocks and obstacles he had to overcome to make it a reality. He talks about his professional conflicts with Sharon Osbourne and how he was able to divert bands such as Slipknot away from Ozzfest to co-headline the tour. Alderman discusses the day-to-day struggles he endured in order to get the tour to the finish line, challenges working with tattoo artists when your not ‘one of them’, the reboot of Tattoo the Earth in the summer of 2022′ following a 20-year hiatus and much more.

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November 10, 2020

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