October 3

Philly Rock Radio

You’ve been told rock is dead. You’ve been told that rock doesn’t light up the Billboard charts anymore, that the best rock is blowing out 40 or 50 candles on a birthday cake, that new artists aren’t making vintage sounding, butt kicking, guitar driven rock, and that your favorite rock artists belong in nursing homes and museums.

You’ve been lied to.

At Philly Rock Radio, we embrace the rock you love and NEW rock that feels like the rock you love. Rock isn’t dead. And we’re gonna prove it. On every show you’ll hear hits AND deep cuts from the giant, arena-packing bands that made you first raise your fist and bang your head in the first place. Van Halen? Sabbath? Zeppelin? AC/DC? Skynyrd? Hell, yes. And so many more. 


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