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24/7 Heavy Metal and A Heavy Metal Attitude!

Heavy Metal Television is here to fill a void that's been in place for two decades! Bringing heavy metal videos, interviews and shows with the rebellious, uncensored heavy metal spirit, Heavy Metal Television fills a void that has been apparent to the community for far, far too long! 

Heavy Metal Television

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Mondays - 10am / 10pm EST

Neeley and Chris Akin test the boundaries of decency with uncensored commentary about all topics with their own special brand of heavy metal attitude!

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Wednesdays - 10am / 10pm EST

Ex-Primer 55 Bassist Joshua Toomey shoots the shit with bands from the '90s to today as he brings the touring artists' vision to the eyes of the fans. 

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Tuesdays - 10am / 10pm EST

Heavy Metal documentarian Bob Nalbandian explores the history of hard rock and heavy metal weekly with famed musicians from metal's historic past!

Thursdays - 10am / 10pm EST

Aftershocks TV is a rock and metal interview and commentary show with no boundaries. From Toto or Cannibal Corpse, it's all covered here!

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