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The CMS Radio Network

24/7/365 Heavy Metal, Hard Rock Music, Interviews and Shows! 

Listen To THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW Live, featuring Neeley and Chris Akin, Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST!

Channel 1: Crash Course Radio

Channel 2: KRFK Radio

Channel 3: Hairball John Radio

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Channel 4: CMS 24/7 Archives

Not only do we have CMS Radio for you, but we've got 2 other channels to ensure your listening pleasure!

CHANNEL 1 is CRASH COURSE RADIO! Filled with the heaviest music including death metal, extreme metal, thrash metal, doom metal and more. Also includes shows like ROCK AIN'T DEAD, TALK TOOMEY, AFTERSHOCKS, POPPITT'S CORNER, SKULLSESSIONS and THE BEST OF THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW.

CHANNEL 2 is KRFK Radio! Longtime friends of the CMS, KRFK Radio has the same uncensored attitude that we all do on the network! Great tunes, all day and night, as well as THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, The Joe Elliott Show, Eddie Trunk and more!

CHANNEL 3 is HAIRBALL JOHN RADIO! The Past Is Back To Kick Your Ass with the best musical mix of the 80s metal / hair metal era! Also includes great shows like HAIRBALL JOHN & FRIENDS and THE STREETS OF ROCK N' ROLL W/RON KEEL.

CHANNEL 4 is the 24/7/365 CLASSIC METAL SHOW ARCHIVES. Listen to segments from the entire 1/4 century of THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW with Neeley and Chris.

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The CMS Radio Network

Today's world is full of censorship! THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW refuses to take bow to that. Therefore, we give you THE CMS RADIO NETWORK - uncensored always, as it should be!

On THE CMS RADIO NETWORK, you can hear all the great shows of the CMS Podcast Network and the best hard rock and heavy metal music ever recorded! Our network of stations WILL rock your ass hard!! 

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Our Videos - NEVER CENSORED Again!

Our Own Video Platform That WE Control Is Now LIVE!. 

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In addition to being the co-host of The Classic Metal Show and AftershocksTV, Chris is an accomplished writer with 6 books published and ready for you to read! Click the book cover below to get information and to purchase any of Chris' books!

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