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Are you REALLY still paying for radio or suffering through commercial radio? Stop it!! THE CMS NETWORK has 8 great stations featuring all styles of hard rock, heavy metal, interviews, comedy and commentary! All of it is uncensored and all of it is playing LIVE for you! At home, in your car or on your phone, The CMS Radio Network is your perfect place for your radio experience!

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CMS 24/7 Schedule (All Times EST)

3pm – The Classic Metal Show (Full Replay with Music)

7am – The Classic Metal Show (Full Replay with Music)

3am – The Classic Metal Show (Full Replay with Music)

12pm – The Classic Metal Show (Full Replay with Music)

7am – The Classic Metal Show (Full Replay with Music)

7am – The Classic Metal Show (Full Replay with Music)

9pm – The Classic Metal Show LIVE!

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All of our online radio stations are available on our one convenient app! Download it today for iOS or Android and rock with us all day and night!

CMStv on The CMS Network

When listening isn’t enough and you want to watch, CMStv is always here for you!

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CMS 24/7 w/Live Shows

What Have We Played?

CMS 24/7

CMS 24/7

The Classic Metal Show has been around for decades, and you can experience most of it right here on the CMS 24/7!



All the shows of THE CMS NETWORK streaming 24/7! Want to hear a great interview or commentary? It’s here!

Seismic Sounds

Seismic Sounds Radio

The best station for all your favorite desert rock, metal… and a little thrash thrown in for good measure!

KRFK Radio

KRFK Radio

Like the popular radio shows? All the ones you would WANT to hear are on KRFK! Tune in today!

Metal Devastation

Metal Devastation Radio

It’s time for your head to get wrecked! The heavier the better is the motto of Metal Devastation Radio!

HBJ Radio

The Past Is Back To Kick Your ASS! Hairball John features all your 80s metal favorites and the HBJ Show!

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Chris and Neeley work endlessly to make sure you get a great show with all the latest and greatest technology! If you love THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, then become a CMS supporter today! For only $4.99 a month, you can show your appreciate and help us pay for all the innovations that set us apart from every other podcast out there today! Join Now!.