Damn Your Eyes

Origin: Long Island, NY

Music: Groove/90’s Alternative Metal

Music: 1 LP/ 1 EP/ 4 singles

FFO: Prong/Type O Negative/Alice In Chains

Band Members:

Kenny Vincent Jr. (vocals)

Artie Alexander (guitar/vocals)

Gabby Abularach- (guitar)

Eddie McLaughlin (bass)

Darren Markoff- (drums)

It’s conventional for many upstart metal bands to initially set musical goals that consist of incorporating different styles and genres into a cohesive sound that spans those genres in hopes of creating something unique and refreshing to the ear of heavy music fans. Typically, those different styles of metal eventually get trimmed down to a select few that make up a band’s signature sound which they may settle on due to the contrasting styles, as well as the challenges a band faces when attempting to incorporate so many styles into a singular sound. New York’s DAMN YOUR EYES are one of those rare metal outfits that have been able to successfully blend more subgenres of metal than most into their 90’s metal influenced sound as evidenced on their latest singles ‘Doom On You’ and ‘Weaponized’.  The band was founded by guitarist Artie Alexander in 2017 and DYE released their first LP ‘Kill The Outside’ two years later. Wanting to grow the band’s sound even further, Alexander strengthened the bands lineup by adding his ex-bandmate and former Cro-Mags and Voodoocult guitarist Gabby Abularach, as well as Korotory drummer Darrren Markoff to the mix. If your a fan of grunge, groove metal and 90’s NY alternative metal in the vein of Prong and Type O Negative, DAMN YOUR EYES is a must for your ear buds and one of the best up-and-coming metal bands that are out there today. Look for the band’s sophomore LP due out in late 2022/ early 2023. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SteeleGroveStudio

Instagram: @dyeofficialband



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