Burning A Candle For The Morbid Saint 

In this episode Bill talks with the master shredder of Morbid Saint, Jim Fergades.

We talk about KISS being the gateway drug for rockstars, how Slayer covers birthed Morbid Saint, shredding in high school, how the unfinished LP Destruction System got leaked on the internet, and how that leak kept the buzz surrounding Morbid Saint alive during their 30 year hiatus, why now was the right time to release new material, and how Swallowed By Hell album came to be.

We also talk about the story behind the netflix special on Steven Avery inspired the song Burn Pit, how you rebuild your shred muscles after 30 years away from guitar, the nostalgia behind Ed Repkas album cover art, why Pine Tuxedo rips, getting the new album early off their website, why they should get more than 20 minutes for their set time, plus so much more.

Howling Mad with Larry The Wolf of Manimals

Howling Mad with Larry The Wolf of Manimals In this episode Bill talks with the Man Beast himself, Larry The Wolf of the HORRORCORE Band Manimals. We talk about growing up in New York as an old Bruno Sammartino fan of the WWWF, relocating to the Cleveland area, his...

Actress Naomi Grossman

Actress Naomi Grossman In this episode Bill talks with Actress and Entertainer, Naomi Grossman. This conversation took place while the SAG-AFTRA strike was still going on so we couldn't talk too much on her major projects. We talk about her mini stage performances in...

Monday Night News EP 8 with Nathan Reynolds

Monday Night News EP 8 with Nathan Reynolds In this new special edition Today's Boondoggle offshoot programming we'll be bringing you current events and nightly news with a twist.In this episode we have a very sobering and awakening conversation with Nathan Reynolds...

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