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Relapse Records, in a collaboration with Cherry Nishida, are proud to present AGONY憎悪REMAINS, a collection unearthing all of the material from Nishida’s legendary Japanese hardcore band ZOUO, as well as 4 死 Death, a brand new album from Nishida’s current outfit, S∴h∵i.

AGONY憎悪REMAINS, a discography spanning ZOUO’s studio recordings is available across digital platforms here. ZOUO will release AGONY憎悪REMAINS as a deluxe remastered reissue featuring all of ZOUO’s recorded studio output (including the highly sought-after 1984 debut 7″ The Final Agony,) and 9 blistering live songs on April 23rd.

Originally formed by friends of a local skateboard crew in the early 80’s, ZOUO quickly became torchbearers for Japanese hardcore punk at the time. The band’s music was a direct reflection of their collective frustrations and takes on their culture; the lyrics detailed the bands hatred for “societal hypocrisies and existing religions.” ZOUO’s debut The Final Agony 7″ remains a landmark release to this day – tracks such as “Sons of Satan” and “Making Love with Devil” showcase some of the most raw and evil punk to ever emerge from the underground.

Following ZOUO’s releases, mastermind Cherry Nishida delved deeper into Japanese hardcore, forming DANSE MACABRE – a band solely dedicated on honing into the psychology of a serial killer.

Nishida now returns with S∴h∵i (Struggling Harsh Immortals)

Wishing to break from the genre’s confines. S∴h∵i’s new discordant take on rock, metal, and punk, infuses industrial elements and noise with a stark audio/visual presentation. An evolution of his prior material, S∴h∵i is directly correlated to Nishida’s views on the human condition and the human minds he finds to be “unconsciously derived and mutated.” For Nishida, S∴h∵i represents the struggle and search for the free spirit.

S∴h∵i will release their new album, 4 死 Death via Relapse Records on April 23rd.
Sons Of Satan 00:00
Making Love With Devil 04:37
No Power 07:39
Bloody Master 11:16
You Like It That Way 15:23
Frustration 20:15
Hate Children (Live at Fourvalley 1983) 24:02
System Fuck Off (Live at Fourvalley 1983) 25:19
Untitled 1 (Live at Fourvalley 1983) 26:41
Out Of Order (Live at Fourvalley 1983) 28:00
No More Fight (Live at Fourvalley 1983) 32:22
A Bomb (Live at Fourvalley 1983) 34:05
Destination (Live at Fourvalley 1983) 35:35
Fuck the God (Live at Fourvalley 1983) 37:04
So What (Live at Fourvalley 1983) 38:21
Break Mv Head (Live at Fourvalley 1983) 40:16
Untitled 2 (Live at Fourvalley 1983) 43:34
Time Bomb (Live at Fourvalley 1983) 44:55
Power To The People (Live at Fourvalley 1983) 46:39
Just Svive (Live at Fourvalley 1983) 48:36
Untitled 3 (Live at Fourvalley 1983) 50:52
No Power (Live 1984) 53:26
Just Svive (Live 1984) 56:47
Out Of Order (Live 1984) 58:45
Untitled 4 (Live 1984) 01:02:06
Fuck the God (Live 1984) 01:03:37
Bloody Master (Live 1984) 01:04:53
Violent Age (Live 1984) 01:08:34
Frustration (Live 1984) 01:11:05
System Fuck Off (Live 1984) 01:14:05
Making Love With Devil (Live 1984) 01:15:55
Sons Of Satan (Live 1984) 01:18:43
No Power (Live at Studio Ahiru) 01:22:24
Making Love With Devil (Live at Studio Ahiru) 01:25:11
Bloody Master (Live at Studio Ahiru) 01:28:30
You Like It That Way (Live at Studio Ahiru) 01:32:12
Violent Age (Live at Studio Ahiru) 01:35:36
Frustration (Live at Studio Ahiru) 01:38:39
Out Of Order (Live at Studio Ahiru)01:42:10
Dance (Live at Studio Ahiru) 01:45:23
Sons Of Satan (Live at Studio Ahiru) 01:48:44


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