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1. Feeling so Low (00:00
2. Afraid to Live (05:07)
3. Loveblind (11:51
4. The Choice (17:17
5. Fear and Sacrifice (23:23
6. Brings you Down (29:58
7. Evil Eye (34:50
8. Exasperator (39:26)

Official Links:

VALKYRIE on Bandcamp: https://thevalkyrierides.bandcamp.com/
VALKYRIE on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thevalkyrier…
VALKYRIE on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/valkyrie_va


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Virginia heavy rockers VALKYRIE return with their anthemic, riff-driven new album, Fear! Their first new album in 5 years, Fear finds VALKYRIE sounding more progressive and diverse than ever before. Tracks such as “Feeling So Low”, “The Choice”, and “Evil Eye” showcase VALKYRIE expanding their sound, infusing their take on classic hard rock with a penchant for remarkable melodies and creative hooks.

Recorded at Earth Analog in Illinois, Fear showcases the tone-rich, organic songwriting process VALKYRIE honed in on over the course of their career. A warm analog sound permeates throughout each of the album’s 8 tracks, as blistering twin leads, soaring guitar harmonies by Pete and Jake Adams, poignant lyrics, and a relentless rhythm section result in a highly textured and timeless collection of southern rock. With Fear, VALKYRIE take the next step in their evolution as one of the most creative and dynamic forces in the hard rock scene today.


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