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THY ANTICHRIST – Signs Worldwide Deal With Napalm Records!
“Wrath Of The Beast” Coming Soon!

Hailing from Colombia, South America and recognized as a prominent band in the Latin American metal scene. Thy Antichrist is an existentialist black metal band showcasing extreme elements that’s been making tidal waves in the underground metal community since 1998. Thy Antichrist has taken to the masses with notable festival appearances with some of metals biggest names.

In 2016, Thy Antichrist found a home with the reputable Extreme Management Group, as well as joined the roster of well-known booking agency, Continental Concerts. With a stout history and commanding presence, Thy Antichrist has tremendous potential for further growth going into 2017 with the worldwide signing with Napalm Records!

Andres Vargas on the signing with Napalm Records:
“Someone from the past told me that dreams can come true if you work hard for them every day. If you fight for the candle of your dreams, someday they can turn into incandescent fire! It’s an honor to be the first Latin American band formed in Colombia to be part of the prestigious Napalm Records roster. I want to express a sincere gratitude to my brothers in the band, Robert, Ben and Chris also to our manager Mark Müller, Extreme Management Group and J-F Dagenais, but mainly to our FANS and friends around the world for supporting Thy Antichrist throughout the years. You are our reason to be! I’m accepting with humility the opportunity to be part of the Napalm Records family. A new journey just starts and we are working hard to deliver the best of our wicked art! Cuernos Arriba!”

A brand new full-length album titled “Wrath of the Beast” is already scheduled for an early
2018 release. Napalm Records is proud to welcome Thy Antichrist as such a hardworking, ambitious and promising band to the roster!

The band has taken huge initiatives in branding their sound as well as successfully being heard on many continents with a giant worldwide following. Thy Antichrist has without a doubt connected with fans and created a loyal fan base eager to see what’s coming next. And so are we!

Andres Vargas “Antichrist 666” – Vocals
Robert Coronado “Abyssus” – Guitars
Benjamin Shanks “Frost Giant” – Bass
Christopher Stropoli – Drums

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