i need some time to clear my head
a moment of clarity
the last things that anybody needs
is for me to blow off some steam
clear some room so i can breathe
the pressure is draining me
i can’t deal with this fucking condition
carrying a load that weighs a ton
no hesitation comes from my eyes
replaced my fear with battle cries
i’ll be explosive like dynamite
replaced my tears with battle cries
i’ve tried so hard to change my luck
but i feel stuck
with no answers to any questions
so i resort to confrontation
i’m trying to change my ways
and forget those days
on the path to nowhere
i grab a shovel diggin six feet deep
not going down i’m swinging recklessly
you drew first blood now here’s your receipt
a fucking promise i swear i’ll keep
cross my heart that i’ll never die
i’m everlasting, i’ll survive
living proof, no one can deny
it’s instilled in my
it’s instilled in my bloodline


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