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The grass is all dead, but I’m choking on the weeds.
Fruit decaying in the trees. Rotting branches swaying gently in the breeze.
Drain me of my sanity. I can’t fucking breathe. Pray for me.
We are drowning in the lake.
A hovering wasteland devoid of time. A cancer magnet breaking down reality. We are rotting hopelessly unaware of our nonexistence.
I never made a promise I could keep. I close my eyes and pretend to sleep.
We’re only bidding our time barely clinging to life. I’m fucking dying inside

A gaping wound bleeding darkness into absolution – infecting actuality. Living a constant painless death.
A collection of husking corpses destined to stride along in eternal ignorance.

#TheAcaciaStrain #Chhinnamasta #A


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