Surma – The Light Within – Song Inspirations. Viktorie from Surma takes us through the album, The Light Within’ discussing the song meanings and inspirations, which mostly come from statues across the world. Get ‘The Light Within’ now:

Songs / Statues mentioned:
Reveal The Light Within – “Expansion” by Paige Bradley
Like The River Flows – “Tančící kašna, Čeští muzikanti” by Anna Chromy and Jan Wagner
Fire and Wind – “The Force of Nature” by Lorenzo Quinn
The City of Winds – Ali&Nino (Statue of Love) by Tamara Kvesitadze
The Selkie (Kópakonan) – “Kópakonan (Selkie)” by Hans Pauli Olsen
Emptiness (Is Not More) – “Melancholy” by Albert Gyorgy
Cages of Rage – “Love” by Alexander Milov
Downfall – “Pomník obětem komunismu” by Olbram Zoubek
Lost to Time – “Hacienda Paradise” – Trans ī re by Fredrik Raddum

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