Official live track “Infecting The Crypts” from Live In North America, out via Nuclear Blast Records. Order:
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Recorded during the Death Chopping North America 2018 Tour – The final North American tour with original vocalist Frank Mullen.


📸 Photo Credit: Mike Randall

Terrance Hobbs comments:
“‘Infecting The Crypts’ happens to be one of the earliest Suffocation songs. It stood the test of time for us and our fans, it just seems fitting to highlight this song off this album as it has become a classic Death Metal favorite. We hope our fans enjoy the Live in North America release as we think this represents Suffocations strengths as a live performing band as well as the energy the fans give to us and we give back to them in return.”



Exhume the wretched body from its timeless slumber
Thrashing the tomb to reveal what’s inside
A maggot-infected corpse stares dismal
Inhabited by worms chewing holes through your carcass

These ancient lands beckoned the burial of humans
The unfertile soil infecting the crypts
Of the once deceased bodies not through decomposure
Ending their peace, their chances of hell

A vomit-type substance is formed from its innards
A festering slime that reveals inside

The substance erupts and its stomach bursts open
Forced down your throat to regurgitate life

Force of the dead ending the one they defied, corrupted
Chosen in pain end in the words of the rain
Killing the substance of the dead I am your pain, your fire
Incensed by the ones that dead out of the rain

Most of the dead that sustained out of the pain your fire
Incensed the ones that the dead out of your reign

Forces the pain enter the way that the void corrupted
Chosen at birth of course the rain and the fire you’ll see
Out of the chosen enter the one that the fire the pain

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