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Producing the album themselves, the band are self-confessed hardcore perfectionists who will accept nothing but the absolute best in every aspect of the recording process. The only collaborators involved in the making of Lamenting of The Innocent were Ronnie Björnström, who both mixed and mastered the album, and Conny Welén who contributed to the songwriting. “They have been with us for these three last albums and they are key parts of the Sorcerer sound by now. Great guys and real pros. Ronnie we feel is very underrated as a mixer/engineer; he gets killer tones fast, he’s always cool and level-headed no matter how much we bombard him with emails, phone calls, questions, requests, last-minute changes etc. It’s a pleasure to work with him.” The track “Deliverance” also features the album’s only guest appearances, Johan Langquist of Candlemass and renowned Swedish cellist Svante Henryson. “They truly brought another dimension to that song and now it’s impossible to imagine it without their contributions, which is the way it should be when you bring guests in to perform; they are there to provide something you couldn’t do on your own.”

Director: Daniel Wahlström – Heavy Groove Media

Maja Boskovic
Anders Modd
Fredrik Åhlén
Nico Hamrin

Emma Morén – Deadly Seams

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