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The doom-inspired closing epos epitomizes the somber atmosphere of Premonitions. Radiating both melancholic and contemplative energy, “The Event Horizon” is the heaviest track the band has released – a weighty pinnacle of the initiated stylistic journey, showcasing both growls and stunning melodies that enrich the unmistakable sonic niche the group has established for themselves.

Singer Emilio Crespo states:
““The Event Horizon“ is a song where some of the worst feelings in someone can come to life. A sense of dread, loss, isolation and the overall sensation of nothingness takes over. I thought it would be fitting to take some inspiration from a black hole in space. To spiral until the point of no return (or in a black hole’s case, Singularity). There can be hints of nihilism found in the song as well. When I listen to the song I can still immerse myself in the dark world we painted with the song and it stands as a very powerful track for me.”

Guitarist Mike Lamb adds:
“On the first two albums we always had more triumphant closers, but after the year that we’ve all had we knew this album would end on a much darker note. The song is a very doom-inspired track that constricts at the end to mirror the audio equivalent of the song constricting to a point of no return, like its namesake. As an album closer we wanted it to mark a metaphorical definitive closing of this horrible chapter of our lives so that we can move onto new things as a band and as individuals.”


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