Finland’s Sinisthra featuring Amorphis vocalist Tomi Joutsen are sharing the new music video for single ‘Eterne’ off their forthcoming album, “The Broad and Beaten Way” due out May 15, 2020 via Rockshots Records.

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Drummer Erkki Virta adds: “‘Eterne’ is the most straight- forward song on the album, almost a total opposite to the first single “Closely Guarded Distance”. It’s the album opener and sets the stage for things to come, with the expulsion from Eden taking place and everything irredeemably changed. The video was shot in a ruined house that was my childhood home. It solidifies the fact that things can’t be reversed although some echoes might remain of what used to be.”

Album Credits:
Music by Markku Mäkinen
Vocal lines by Tomi Joutsen
Lyrics by Erkki Virta

Sinisthra is:
Tomi Joutsen – Vocals
Markku Mäkinen – Guitar
Erkki Virta -Drums
Timo Vainio – Keyboards
Marko Välimäki – Guitar
Janne Telen – Bass


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So we lost our mindless faith
we lost the option only to obey
and our false innocence
so we lost the path preset
the absence of choice bestowed on us
we lost ourselves as we were

And we are to blame
and we lost our names
but we never lost Eden

And so as my blood I bleed unto the ground
the ground will spawn a rose
and so as the rose I touch will hide a thorn
the thorn will draw my blood

We felt the high winds rise within
we found about the Left Hand and freewill
and the meaning of lust
a wraith of flowers upon our hair
as morning took us to the Eastern Gate
to go our separate ways

#sinisthra #tomijoutsen #amorphis


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