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Seven Spires will release a new studio album in fall 2021. Details coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy the brand new single ‘This God Is Dead’ for a taste of what’s to come….

This God is Dead

Pt 1: Smoke and Mirrors

Across the sea,
Your love
Lit my way through storm and shade
For a thousand years.

Today, and every day,
Let me be your light,
Let me be your light

Another battle, another day
To face the light and pull away from the embrace
Of the shadows where I survive
The agony reminds me I’m alive.

Oh mother, I wonder if you knew.
Oh father, if only I could speak with you.
Did you love my smoke and mirrors?
That should be enough, that would be enough

(Roy Khan:)
I know you found it, that dream you chased.
Don’t ever think that what you love is a mistake.
Despite the demons that rule you mind,
Stay the course, everything will be alright.

Your mother, she watches over you.
My daughter, just know that we are proud of you.
From the beyond, you’ll never hear us,
But you have our love, you have our love.

Can’t afford to die, and can’t afford to lose.
(Roy and Adrienne:)
Sweet angel, wish I had been enough for you.
All I am is smoke and mirrors.
Would you love me if you knew?
Could you love me if you knew?

Pt. 2: Mania and Nothing

What happened to me?
I never saw these bones.
I wear this skin like someone else’s clothes.
These scraps of childhood scenes are roughly sewn.
There’s no tomorrow,
Just a day that started lifetimes ago.

Back and forth,
Mania and nothing.
Nothing at all.

What happened to me?
Who am I?
Everything I’ve been feels like it’s a lie.
Food makes me sick and drink makes me fade.
Are these my memories?
Am I even awake?

Back and forth,
Mania and nothing.
Nothing at all.

Pt. 3: The Majesty

(Earth, give me strength
Skies, lend your range
Moon, lend your light
Stars, guide my way)

Bow before the majesty,
This loathsome demon reborn.
Life with new purpose.
See the earth through young eyes.
Feel the universe through an ancient soul.

Pt. 4: Beneath the Morning Star

I have known all and nothing.
I have stared into the void until it haunted my dreams.
Screamed and smiled beneath the morning star,
And conducted the chorus of grim constellations.

Their lights lied, I died a thousand times.
Floating frozen past their majesties,
I wandered too far into the black.

Non est otium
Tibi putesce mari aeterno
Abhorremus te

Endless nights awake in vain
My imploding brain
Torturing my psyche, there was no escaping myself
My hatred, my failures, my losses, my loathing
There was no hollow peace

This has been my final death, finally accept
All that I am, and all that I’m meant to be
Perhaps eternally

Non est otium
Tibi putesce mari aeterno
Abhorremus te

Pt. 1 Smoke and Mirrors (Reprise):

(Roy and Adrienne):
Blindly, across the sea

Your love…

Lit your way through storm and shade
For a thousand years.

Today, and every day

(Roy and Adrienne:)
I will be your light,
Let me be your light,

Pt. 5: This God is Dead

Guide of the lost,
Guardian of the broken,
Bringer of peace in final hours.
Happiness is a choice,
And purpose, a charted course.
I am but a soul-keeper,
And this god is dead.

Adrienne Cowan – Vocals + Orchestrations
Jack Kosto – Guitar
Peter de Reyna – Bass
Chris Dovas – Drums

#SevenSpires #ThisGodIsDead #HeavyMetal

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