December 19, 2022

SABATON – Lady of the Dark (Animated Story Video)

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This is the story of Milunka Savić that inspired our song Lady of the Dark. Milunka Savić was a Serbian woman who took her brother’s place in the army. Partly disguised as a man, she would eventually be among the most decorated soldiers of WW1!
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======== Lady of the Dark LYRICS ==========

Who shall be remembered, In the ancient House of war?
All the medals, all those stories, In the Alley of the greats
Celebrated hero, who has wandered through the dark
She stand before you, all that metal shining bright

Lost in time, returning to the light
Bow before, this lady fights for life
So sister

Raise your hand, For the lady of the dark
Soldier with no will to kill, with a philanthropic heart
Forever break the norm, She’s the girl in uniform
Fighting side by side with men, she will fight until the end

Lied to be respected, and to change her brother’s fate
Took a bullet, earned her freedom, and a place among the stars
Served the Iron squadron, served the toughest of them all
No fear of dying, for the frontline she was born

Sacrifice, she took her brother’s place
War to war, a place where she belongs
So brother

Don’t fear the reaper, don’t fear the war
She spared the life of brothers

She’ll fight for honour
She’ll fight for life
A lady goes to war

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.


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