January 11, 2023

PRONG – Breaking Point (Official Lyric Video)

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Video by Ingo Spörl for https://www.hard-media.com/

BREAKING POINT ©2022 Thomas Michael Victor
It’s got to stop. It’s got to end
People have had enough
The flat out lies, all untrue
What is said you cannot trust
They demand that you agree
With ideas you can’t believe
Thoughts are banned, can’t disagree
And there’s no reprieve
What they teach, you won’t learn. It’s obscene
It’s the breaking point
What they teach you won’t read. It’s obscene
It’s the breaking point
The denial. It is final
It’s going to end. It’s going to stop.
So many people have had enough.
It’s in decline. No moral view,
With no dignity. It’s overdue
The flat out lies,
all untrue
You cannot trust
I’ve had enough


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