January 25, 2011

OBSCURA – “Septuagint”

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OBSCURA – “Septuagint” from the album ‘Omnivium’
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I assume a true above and below
one more and first of all
I endeavor the deadly uniformity
that erudition brought into the world

I doubt wherever the earth’s gravity
that is boldly presumed to extend
over the whole structure of the world
effective beyond a certain radius

Aeon, uniformity, divine
this empty space extending on all sides
where the suns of the suns are subordinated
I thought of a great manifold of different ones

Where double stars moving alternately
round each other but not round a third one
a whole that does not tolerate a middle
as masses of light flow into each other

If this universe increased to its extremity
when the other side transists into a black hole
a downward spiral of the corporeal masses
our existence is complete in both directions

I assume a separation of powers that be
of purely demonic divine chaos
I endeavor the deadly uniformity
that erudition brought into the world

When we can pass over into the other
a world, pure and silent through death
this empty space extending on all sides
a true above, a true below


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