February 3, 2016

OBSCURA – “Fractal Dimension” (Official Track)

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German progressive metal masters OBSCURA are poised to return with fifty-two minutes of their most expansive, dynamic, and innovative music to date! This is “Fractal Dimension” off ‘Akroasis’ due out now via Relapse Records on CD/2xLP/Digital. Purchase at Relapse.com: http://bit.ly/Akroasis
Subscribe to Relapse: http://bit.ly/RelapseYouTube


Purchase on iTunes: http://geni.us/AkroasisiT
Purchase on Bandcamp: http://obscura.bandcamp.com
Purchase on Amazon: http://geni.us/AkroasisAMZ
Purchase on Google Play: http://geni.us/AkroasisGP

Obscura on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealmOfObscura/
Obscura on Bandcamp: http://obscura.bandcamp.com
Obscura on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…



Piece and piece, composed infinite order
Lacunarity denied

A swarm of harmony, a libertine in disbelief
A symphony of forms, a choral remnant of stars

Quantifying eclectic textures
Intrinsic perfection

Periphery atonality
Errors withheld

A heavenward cathedral of tones
A crystal momentum so pure
A Fractal Dimension
So concinnous and clear

Apollonian multiverse
Of moulds, immortal

A Fractal Dimension, concinnous and clear


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