Mayday Parade’s live version of “It Is What It Is”, filmed during their Out Of Here Sessions livestream, comes from their new EP ‘Live At Screaming Eagle’ – available now at

Yesterday I flew across the world
And started a revolution
But truth be told I’m trying to find myself
In a lovesick evolution

Oh somebody tell me I’m fine and that I’m gonna be alright
Oh cause nobody’s looking to die when they’re happy inside

But it is what it is
And it hurts
Make it fast
Well it is what it is
It gets worse
And it lasts
I never had the chance to promise I’d never let go 
But you let go
It is what it is
And it hurts 
Make it fast

Today’s the day I’m coming home again 
But I’m further and further away now
I won’t leave my bed cause a part of me is dead
I forgot to face all your pictures down

I’ll never get the chance to promise I’d never let go
I’ll never get the chance cause you’ll forever be the reason why
I’m not happy inside

#MaydayParade #ItIsWhatItIs #LiveAtScreamingEagle


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