ON THIS EPISODE OF LIVE AND LOUD WITH THE LORD, NELSON THAT IS!  Lord chops it up with South Carolina Legend Mr. Devin Patrick AKA “KING KILLUMBIA”.   Devin is a definite lover of music and an incredible business man, artist and entrepreneur.  His knowledge of the music game is dope on all levels and has allowed him to be successful on a global level.  If you love music and have a desire to be an entrepreneur, you will enjoy this KING KILLUMBIA episode.  This is another episode not to be missed.  Enjoy.  Please Subscribe, like, love, share and comment.  We really appreciate it and you.  As always Lord Nelson and the CMS Network appreciates your valuable time given and will continue to do their best to entertain, inform and some times educate you.  Respect Maximum To You Always.  Love Love.  Thanks A TRILLION!

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