December 31, 2022

LLL | Doc I.C.E. Of U.T.F.O.

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ON THIS EPISODE OF LIVE AND LOUD WITH THE LORD, NELSON THAT IS!  Lord welcomes a Hip Hop Legend and Icon from the amazing group U.T.F.O!  DOC ICE!  This is a trip down memory lane that comes full circle to the present.  Doc Ice and Lord Nelson have an amazing conversation like brothers who haven’t seen each other in awhile and are catching up.  Lords excitement is clear and he lets it be known and shown what this conversation means to him.  This is another great watch and listen and As always Lord Nelson and the CMS Network appreciates your valuable time given and will continue to do their best to entertain, inform and some times educate you.  Respect Maximum To You Always.  Love Love.  Thanks A TRILLION!  Peep DOC ICE’S Links And Management

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