May 18, 2006

LENG TCH’E – “Derisive Conscience” (Official Music Video)

LENG TCH’E – “Derisive Conscience” official music video taken from the album ‘The Process of Elimination’

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Available now on CD/Digital via Relapse Records.

Producer/Director: Maurice Swinkels

Official links:


Pathetic your excuses are at best
Instantly you shove the blame somewhere else
Incapable minds control your life…
I am not the one to sit back and swallow their crud
No life, no future, no free will, is this what you want?
Misleading the masses… but this is when your derisive conscience kicks in…
Feeding morons with lucrative lies
Joking about it while you waste your cash
Living a life without morals or sense of self
I hope your ass can cover the check for loss of mind…


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