May 31, 2011

Legend – Circle Of Friends (Official Music Video)

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You are the coward and you are the plague.
We know everything about you.
Who are you to judge what’s right and what’s wrong what steps are taking.
I will bury you, your story has been laid to rest.
Your time is over, and nobody ever knew your name.
What have you accomplished in your long years of life.
What do you have to show for the countless times
That you have always tried. You have no purpose.
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You are not the victim, you are the weak.
Burn out your eyes, burn out your eyes you are the weak and desperate
Force fed lie, nobody respects you. you’re fooling nobody this time.
You are the reason that you can’t find your way. You’re just a hopeless
Soul, another number today.
Another lesson learned you still find a way to turn it around a point
The other way.
You have no purpose.


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