This video was made by JINJER fan and supporter Mychailo Halinin. The band was so impressed by his LEGO remake of Perennial, his talent, creativity and drive that they approached him to release this on their official channels.

“Who has not played with LEGO as a kid? Who has not secretly dreamed of starring in their own LEGO MOVIE!? What a wonderful gift and pleasure this was to watch and now to release PERENNIAL LEGO to the world … these are indeed very strange days but thank you Mychailo for making our day a little bit more bright and positive!”
– Eugene

IG: Mychailo Halinin

Watch the official video:

The original album version of “PERENNIAL” appears on the Napalm Records release “MICRO” and is available here:

Other “MICRO/MACRO” and official Merch orders:




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