Jetty Bones’ new single “That’s All” comes from her upcoming album ‘Push Back’ – Out 2/26! Pre-order now at

Created By Lindsey Byrnes & Dani Okon
Edited by Dani Okon

Now I get a little personal – I preach like that.
Now I go a little bit too far, but sometimes it be like that.

I want to talk and find a resolution.
I want to bring it up without it bringing you down.
I want to say the things I think and feel and
I want to know that you still want me around.
It’s getting hard to cold compress my feelings,

When I just really want them to swell.
I want to get passed the wreckage from you leaving.
Your reassurance is what pulls me out.

Pull me out, don’t pull me down.
Pull me out, don’t pull me down though.

I want to win, if that’s what you’re perceiving.
To be all in, and end all for you.
I want to know the things you think and feel so
I can hold you up the way you need me to.

Hold you up, not hold you down.
Say what you want, but I’ll keep on talking.
Pretty soon, yeah, I know you’re walking.
I don’t want to be another Iet down on that list for you.
Do it like you gotta do when times are tough,
And it’s killing me, you feeling like you’re not enough,
And I just want to build you up.
Days away and I just can’t take it.
Nights awake and I just can’t shake it off.
But I just love you, that’s all.
Oh, I just love you, that’s all.

#JettyBones #ThatsAll


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