On November 26th 2021, the newest addition to the HYPOCRISY catalog,​ WORSHIP, was​ released via​ Nuclear Blast Records.
That evening, the​ band​ presented their fans with a special listening session that featured a video of vinyl being sent up to space.
The journey was completed on a​ bespoke launch vehicle that carried​ and supported the record​ through the atmosphere. The craft was lifted by a large hydrogen-filled balloon reaching a maximum altitude of over 120,000 feet//36.57 km above the Earth. It fell back down to Earth​ reaching speeds over 200mph until it re-entered the troposphere​ (where we all live)​ where the onboard parachute slowed the craft to a gentle walking pace by the time it touched down.​

HYPOCRISY album, WORSHIP, out now via Nuclear Blast Records.
Listen & Order: https://cutt.ly/worship

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00:00 Worship
04:42 Chemical Whore
10:01 Greedy Bastards
13:58 Dead World
18:48 We’re The Walking Dead
24:07 Brotherhood of The Serpent
28:31 Children of The Gray
33:47 Another Day
36:58 They Will Arrive
41:24 Bug In The Net
46:14 Gods of The Underground

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