FUCK THE FACTS – “The Sound of Your Smashed Head” official music video taken from the album ‘Stigmata High-Five’
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You’re trapped. Confined in a frame built with years of oppression. The shocking truth. Blind-folded you grew up. And your ordinary life gets unsustainable. Where is your sense of risk. Your strength to refuse habits. The truth is now hard to face. You’ve been slaved by your own fear. You forgot? You’re free. Bite your tongue until it bleeds. Regain control of your body. Wash away the stranger. The cold-hearted you used to be. All in lucidity, taste the unpredictable. Twitch the roots of your instincts. Play a trick on everybody. Pushed only by desires. Run for your life while you breath. Stranger. You’re now alone. You used to be. You’re now alone. But you never settled for compromise. Dive in the black whole. Taste the time. Of your authentic « me ». The sound of your smashed head will feel like a sweet melody. You’re now alone.


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