Taken from the album “Thalassic” (out July 10th, 2020 on Metal Blade Records)
Order at: https://www.metalblade.com/ensiferum

Sami Hinkka comments:
”Hi folks! Feels like it was aeons ago when we finished to record the new album Thalassic because so much has happened after that. But another milestone is here today because it’s time to release another video to please your ears and eyes! Vesa Ranta did excellent job to find the right people and locations to make this the most beautiful Ensiferum video so far. Eventually this tune will sure to be in the future setlists but there is a chance that you can hear a live version of it in our upcoming studio live stream so check it out! Enough talking, enjoy the breathtaking Finnish scenary and we hope you like the song too!”

Directed & produced: Vesa Ranta/Kaira Films
Aerial photography: Jarkko Lunnas Edit: Aapo Lahtela & Vesa Ranta
Colour grading: Jarkko Lunnas
Make up: Jasmin Ora
Assistant: Ville Vitikka and Jari Heino Filming location: Rankin saari, Kotka
Thanks to Kotkansaaret.fi

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Woe to the one
Who boast in front of the Gods
Woe to the God
Who is petty and jealous to mortals

Woe to the beast
Who blindly obeys
Woe to the king
Who, like a fool, sacrifices his own kin

Gods and heroes shall fade away in time
She will live forever
Our queen Andromeda

Why is it hollow fame that men seek?
And love the beast inside of you and me
Pages of time crumble before our eyes
Unlike the awe for immortal skies

”You shall not harm the maiden of my dreams
Come and face your demise, monster of the deep!”

”You shall not have the maiden of my dreams
Kneel, flee or I’ll cast a curse of stone upon thee!”

#ensiferum #finland #finnishmetal #paganmetal #folkmetal #metalblade #thalassic


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