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Recorded at our homes to watch at home. Stay Safe.
Director: Our girlfriends
Camera operator: Our girlfriends
Special thanks to: Our girlfriends (Caroline Martin, Izabella Bergmann, Juliana Finardi and Rafaelle Santana)
Editor: Álvaro Gomes

#ElectricMob #FarOff #HardRock

Far Off

Back from the edge
Feelin’ alone
You’re in my head
Just like before

Maybe it’s your lips
The way you touch
My body’s here
Waitin’ for yours to come

Oh, I’ve waited for so long
You can melt my heart of stone
I can’t do this on my own
Just a slip of the tongue
Oh, baby

Now our clothes are on the floor
And I’m beggin’ you for more
While our clothes are on the floor
Rock me ‘til the break of dawn

How could it be?
Two can’t be wrong
Not one, but three
Nights in a row

Love don’t mean a thing
Just flesh and bones
Baby, you’re mean
But I want more

1. awaken
2. Devil You Know
3. King’s Ale
4. Got Me Runnin’
5. Far Off
6. your ghost
7. Gypsy Touch
8. 123 Burn
9. Upside Down
10. Higher Than Your Heels
11. brand new rope
12. We Are Wrong

Renan Zonta – Vocals
Ben Hur Auwarter – Guitar
Yuri Elero – Bass
André Leister – Drums

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